Danièle Dutilleux

My story :

When I arrived in Madagascar, all I could see was sun and blue sea, vast stretches of white sand and lakes of such beauty as to take your breath away.

During the ten years I lived there, crossing from East to West and from North to South, I discovered its mysteries and treasures. While travelling round this large red island, I encountered sages, native healers, botanists and herbalists who shared with me their exceptional experience of endemic pharmacopoeia and opened my eyes to a multitude of essences, each more remarkable than the other.

Then I met a French family who had lived there for generations and this would be determining for me. They had specialised in the harvesting and processing of Spiruline, the blue algae found in the brackish lakes. The extraordinary quality of their produce naturally inspired me to create a range of treatments based on the green gold that is Spiruline.

Back in Belgium, I am putting to use my long experience as a beautician and cosmetician working with well-known brand names.

And so, with a pharmaceutical laboratory, we have created a new line of treatments exclusively for my SPA Luxury (top range home treatments). I have called it ESSENSYS, the Secret of the Lakes.